Welcome to my Pirate Ship!

Hello world, and welcome to my blog!

Once upon a time – in a far-away land of ice and snow – I used to blog.  Instead of becoming a professor of long-dead literature and writing for a living like I’d always planned, the extent of my writing is more or less Twitter. I’m not so witty in 140 characters or less, I’ll be honest.  Thanks to Twitter, though, I’ve run across a few Vegas blogs that have re-ignited my literary passion. (Do fart jokes count as “literary passion”?)

That sounds noble, but I can promise most of my posts will either be about football, food, or the crazy things I see through work and trying to navigate dating the single father of a teenage daughter. And don’t forget fart jokes.

So while I’m working on my first real post, please go check out some other blogs! I promise you’ll thank me for it 🙂

The Las Vegas Courtesan, @vegascourtesan

Miss Thang, aka @Thypolar

Mr. T, @HackingVegas

Robert J. Crane, @robertjcrane – fantasy author, gamer, and crazy man

my girl Kelley, @OMGitsKeLLz

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