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Shove Your Friday – the Squeaky Wheel part 1

I have a coworker who’s made me dread the work week more than I’ve ever dreaded going to work before. Not all of us are blessed enough to truly love our jobs, so even though I love coming to work I can appreciate that plenty other people don’t. I’ll try not to get too philosophical here since that leads straight to politics – no good.


I have a coworker who is obsessed with Friday. “Julia” has a special name for the days of the week and celebrates a weekly countdown to Friday. She greets anyone who passes by her desk based on the day’s relation to the weekend. (Thursday is “Friday Eve”, Wednesday is “Pre-Friday Eve” – I’m too busy on Tuesdays to remember what they are).

We’ve been here before.

I understand, if there’s a concert on Friday or you have a 3-day weekend then it’s normal to celebrate. If you’ve had a tough week and have accomplished something it’s natural to look forward to going home for the weekend, too. I could understand if it were a seasonal thing, like around tax time for accountants. I could understand if it were a monthly thing, like when I used to help prepare invoices and chew my nails to the bone to get our shipments out by deadline.




From what I can tell Julia’s been with the company for many years and is good at what she does. Her manager comes down to chat for 10-15 minutes about nothing nearly every day so I can’t imagine there’s anything going wrong.  She’s typically very friendly and helpful – it’s not that I dislike her! Is this just a way to get attention?

It’s a very small thing, but this complaining itself is enough to make me want to go to HR and ask to be transferred to another part of the building, another floor, anywhere. Instead, I will ignore it and be glad that my office hours are much different from everyone else’s and do my best to avoid the constant weekday bashing.

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