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Sweet puppylove

I’m taking my lunch break at work today to tell you how much I love my dog.

Vince Lombardi once said that we should love God, our family, and the Green Bay Packers – in that order. I subscribe to that, but the only things I cherish more than the Packers are God and my puppy, Pedro.

ImagePetey is a purebred chocolate Lab, I adopted him from a lady who moved to Vegas from Sparks. She and her boyfriend/partner had gotten him together but they broke up and she ended up taking a job in California (I think?) where she wouldn’t be able to take him along.  As it was, he was already spending his days on a clothesline leash and being baby-gated into her living room so he wouldn’t “play” with her cats.

Pedro has been full of energy and love since the day I met him. It took him a while to bond and learn his new name, and even longer to learn how to listen and behave. He had anxiety issues when he came to live with me, and they certainly didn’t get any better for a while. The weekend after I adopted him I had my accident, and after a week of staying with an ex to help take care of me I came back home and Petey and I were on our own. Spending 24 hours a day with a mom who can’t do much to go out or walk him didn’t help him much but he’s grown phenomenally since then.

Petey is my protector, my lover, my heart. There was a time when someone was trying to get into my apartment and his big boy bark kept them away. I didn’t live in the best neighborhood, so walking a big dark dog with slobber all over him helped keep me safe in the evenings. Most people know Labs are big babies but there are enough dogs mixed with pits and boxers that you never can be sure, and people were always scared of him anyway like they didn’t know he was a Lab.  There were a couple of nights and days that were really tough for me and Petey would snuggle up on me and kiss me when I cried. It sounds pathetic, but when you’ve got nothing else it means all the world.

Sometimes I get frustrated with his high-energy antics, sometimes I can’t stand how smart he is since he’s always trying to get his way or play dumb. Even still, I wouldn’t trade him for any other dog. He is the happiest creature you’ve ever met – he has no mean bone in his body. He doesn’t hold a grudge, he doesn’t get angry, he loves everyone and everything. He’s my motivation to get out and be active and to look at life with a positive outlook.


Mister Stinky is my main man, hands down.

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When being broke was the good old days

Lately I’ve been thinking about what I’m doing with my life and what makes me happy. The new house has enough space for me to have a home office and I’ve found my photo albums, museum maps, posters, and old crap I had up in my college apartments in Minneapolis. The more I unpack the things that were important to me and think about where I’m headed in life the more I want to get back to my college days.

I shouldn’t complain about my life too much now. I have a fantastic job that is rewarding on so many levels – I can pay my bills and buy a car, I get to travel until my heart’s content, I actually look forward to going to work. Now I have security and a not uncertain future. In college I lived in cramped apartments (often with filthy roommates) and I was so worried about my future since I had no idea where I was going.

What do I envy about my college days in the frozen north? I guess what I miss the most is my sense of independence, my sense of self. I did things that made ME happy. Although there are plenty of decisions I should have made differently and I should have worked harder to make sure my school life was on track I did what I could to take care of me. Friday nights were burritos, books, and beer and on Saturdays I would walk down to Duffy’s in Dinkytown with a book to eat pizza and watch people. I would watch my favorite VHS tapes and crochet or play MMORPGs with pizza.

Sure there’s plenty of nostalgia involved. There were hard classes, bad relationships, frostbite. I was so poor I would have a bag of Combos, peanut butter M&Ms, and a Coke as my lunch and dinner. I ate tuna casserole all week, almost every other week for a while. I had low-paying jobs that required a commute at late/early hours and sometimes through sketchy parts of the city. A lot of times were lonely and I went through my fair share of heartbreak. Still, it was worth it.

So what can I do to get back the glory days in this rewarding life I have now? I need to take care of me, work for my own happiness, and find pleasure in the things I do.  When I travel and I explore I need to do it for me, not just thinking of all the people back home. I need to be more proactive in finding something to do. Maybe the problem is Las Vegas and it isn’t me – this town is crazy and it can be difficult to find things to do, especially now that I live on the edge of the desert.


I remember being happy and I’m going to go chase it.

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