Where Did All This Crap Come From?!

I was stacking the last of my stuff in the ninja’s garage today and I noticed some of the things I moved down here from the Midwest. When I moved to Vegas almost three years ago, I shoved as much as I possibly could into my little blue Taurus and puttered across the Rockies and the desert.  I sent my book collection and a few other things to my parents and I shipped two boxes ahead of me, but other than that everything I owned was shoved into the back of my car. There wasn’t room for even an extra sandwich – every inch was taken.

Life sure has changed, and you can certainly tell if you’ve looked at how I’ve packed for this last move.

For this move, I’ve accumulated 2.5 years’ worth of stuff – clothes, furniture, papers, and all kinds of other crap. I was able to hire a moving truck – I had the luxury of time, money, and space to pack this time. I didn’t have to limit myself to whatever would fit in a Ford Taurus and I didn’t have to cover 2000 miles in two days.  I really only moved down the street and I’ve taken two weeks to do it.

When I moved to Las Vegas I was lucky that I was staying in a friend’s house so I didn’t need any furniture or dishes. I still had to go through all my clothes, books, shoes, and other personal items to decide what made the trip and what would stay behind. How do you make that decision? Mostly, I was looking toward the future and if I could replace something once I made the trip it wasn’t worth bringing along. This included even small things like coffee mugs, hair ties, shampoo. Everything I had was important to me in some way, important enough to take up precious real estate in my Lil Blue Racer.

Stacking boxes in the ninja’s garage today I found two pillows that I brought to Vegas with me that I haven’t used in well over a year, along with posters and art prints that I haven’t bothered to put up in either of the places I’ve lived since moving here.  I found my little Happy Meal toy collection and my favorite candles all still boxed up in the cartons I used in 2009.  I’ve thrown away over a dozen trash bags during this recent move and I’m donating two large suitcases full of clothes and books.  My life out here started so Spartan and I just keep accumulating things instead of really appreciating the things I already have.

Life now sure is prosperous and I have many more choices now than three years ago, but I wonder if all the crap that comes along with it is truly necessary.

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