I’ll Poke My Eye Out!

My hands are getting progressively worse, and last night I noticed the funniest thing. My nose itched, and I instinctively refrained from scratching it. It wasn’t until the itching was getting unbearable that I realized I wasn’t scratching it.

Instead of scratching my nose as I lay in bed waiting to fall asleep, I thought about why I didn’t just reach up and scratch it. Were my hands hurting? Yes, but not as badly as they had been earlier. Can I feel my fingers? Yes, and they only tingle a little bit. Can I move my fingers? Aha! I can move them, but they are twitching – and when my forearms twitch too there’s no telling what they will do!



I’m pretty clumsy as it is, so I decided to rub my face against the Ninja’s scratchy pillow instead of risking poking my own eye out.  Oh, I laughed my pretty little ass off at this one.

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