The Teenage Microbiologist

I just found discarded foot band-aids on the coffee table.

The Ninja and I took Girl Cookie and her friend Paula Abdul to school this morning, after getting them breakfast. I was in a happy, family-type mood until I sat down on the couch and discovered another discarded science experiment on the coffee table.  The coffee table serves as a dining room table in this tiny apartment, so I found the discarded foot band-aids where I normally work and drink coffee, next to napkins and a Wii controller.

Are all kids this nasty?


I know I was a messy kid – I did laundry twice a month and never cleaned my room.  Most adolescents are just learning about hygiene and grooming, so I try not to be shocked when I find science experiments in the bathroom or growing in socks on the floor. I do know if I’d ever left a band-aid in a common area, though, I would have been grounded for at least two weeks.

I love the Girl Cookie, and in the interest of building family harmony I try to let some things slide. I know I’m an uptight person in general, so I try to compensate by being more chill than I want to in hopes that I’m reaching a happy middle point.


Call me Fred.

But toe band-aids on the dinner table? And now that I think about it, GC and her friend had been sitting in the living room waiting for Ninja to drive them to school. Am I the only one this grossed out?!

I haven’t been this grossed-out in a long time.

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